Multi-segment Strava Challenges Made Easy!

An awesome tool that combines multiple Strava segments into challenges for you and your mates.

Why Segment Spinner?

Strava and its segment functionality has really changed the face of cycling by creating accurate leaderboards for popular routes and climbs. 

Segment Spinner extends Strava's technology by using their API to combine the results of specific segments over a specific time period. 

This enables the set up of challenges that can feature a variety of segments to suit different types of riders, and outputs a leaderboard for combined segment time. 

Great for long-term club challenges, fantastic for 4 or 5 days road tours that can benefit from the added competition provided by a "GC Leaderboard" over key segments.

All you need to do is to register with the website by clicking the "Connect with Strava" button above, and then you can join existing challenges or create your own.